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"If Nirvana and the Beatles had a baby it would sound like Angwish when it needs to be changed. This alternative rock underground legend from Charlotte, NC is full of energy, power and catchy songs. Amazing audiences from Hong Kong to Paris to Los Angeles since the 1990's with a resolve to rock that grows stronger with the passing years.  World renowned and critically acclaimed!"

Bryan's Nature Series!

Dawson Forest Wildlife Management Area, Dawson Forest WMA, Dawsonville, GA

Since I was a small child being out in nature exploring has always been exhilarating to me. I feel more alive with the plants and animals and away from manmade society. Communing with the Earth is and always has been very important to me. Days where I couldn't find a show for my tour, instead I'll be streaming concerts from National Forests and Federal Lands where I'll be doing primitive camping which I'll broadcast on my youtube channel at, so please check the channel out, subscribe and watch some videos. I've got some stuff dating back to the 1990s on there which some may find interesting.