I am accepting donations and/or tips and appreciate your support, without your help I would not be able to create my content at www.youtube.com/angwishtv and perform to people all over the world! Every little bit helps, no donation is too small. Thank you!! Bryan's Super Happy Fun Time Tour! will resume as soon as restrictions on public gatherings are lifted. In the meantime, checkout "Bryan's Nature Series!" on the youtube channel as well as all the other fun shows and music videos there! Stay healthy and happy!

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"If Nirvana and the Beatles had a baby it would sound like Bryan when he needs to be changed." This alternative rock underground legend from Charlotte, NC is full of energy, power and catchy songs. Amazing audiences from Hong Kong to Paris to Los Angeles since the 1990's with a resolve to rock that grows stronger with the passing years.  World renowned and critically acclaimed!" Now booking US tour dates through June 15, Central American dates June 24 through August 4 and more US dates September 4 through November 22! Email us today for bookings!